Burlington Plaza

A large development on Burlington Road comprising a series of landscaped spaces providing usable open spaces to the building tenants.

Coolbrook Developments

Burlington Road



For the main sunken courtyard, a concept began to emerge of this space as a paradigm for a natural landscape archetype. The facades of the framing buildings could be read as steep valley sides and the drop from plaza to courtyard as a geological fault. The concept of an urban canyon or ravine was born.

In selecting elements to evoke this we were also cognisant of the need for synthesis of concept and function in that the landscape must be useful to the clients, to society, neighbours and passers-by yet appropriate to an unknown envisaged corporate end user.

Within the public space, a pair of bespoke benches are arranged in combination with two large pine trees and the origin of the water feature-destined for the cascade into the sunken courtyard below. A bespoke glass balustrade protects the edge while maintaining a visual connection to the landscape below.

HKR Architects, Dublin

Main contractor
Bennett Construction

Landscape contractor
Sap Landscape

Steel Fabricators

Bernard Seymour /
Managing Director

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