Capel Street Interim Landscape

BSLA are working with teams from Dublin City Council’s Environment and Transport Department and their Parks Department to improve Capel Street in response to the current daytime traffic free environment. We want to improve the public realm, so the street becomes an even better place to shop, trade and live.

The new elements must not alone to look good but act to slow down cyclists and encourage more people onto the centre of the street.

Capel Street, Dublin

The measures being considered make many more points of access from the pavement to the street. All of these need to be available to wheelchair users and alongside elements retained that will assist a guide dog or tapping cane. We are planning to meet with various groups across a range of disability representation in order that efforts already made (based on previous consultations elsewhere) can be improved upon further.

Alongside the fine historic buildings, the community of shops, cafes, businesses and residents are really what provides the magic, but we feel that another offering can be made that will improve the place for all of these. What we are offering derives from a series of consultations, which will continue through the life of the project. Our task is to translate these proposals into reality on the ground and do so in a rather short period of time. Furthermore, we want the new elements to be capable of re-use such as being transported elsewhere so that in any future permanent scheme, these elements will not be wasted.

We are at the stage where we are consulting on the first set of co-ordinated proposals and testing them amongst various stakeholders while at the same preparing costs to see how much can be done in the first phase. The scheme will be modular in nature so that it can continue to be rolled out beyond this initial phase. The northern section of the street from Ryders Row to Mary Street will likely see the start of the roll out during this summer.

Bernard Seymour /
Managing Director

Colin Torpay /
Senior Landscape Architect

Derek Naughton /
Senior Landscape Architect

Periklis Tsoukalas /
Senior Landscape Architect

Ciaran Rooney /
Landscape Architect

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