Ropemaker Place

This residential scheme building provides its main space in a large courtyard, wrapping three new sides around an existing adjoining block to form the enclosed space. To the south, an additional planted space acts as an adjunct to Hanover Street East, greatly enhances it with its retail spaces and a café benefiting from a southerly orientation. This enlarged public realm space creates a new landscape setting, softer character and finer texture in what was previously such a harsh environment.

Grand Canal Dock

A protected corner allows the cafe to spill out to thrive.

The sheltered courtyard garden is the green heart of the scheme and offers residents a communal outdoor amenity area and natural light for the new buildings and the existing neighbouring ones. The result is a restful and safe space, a respite from the hullabaloo nearby and a place to meet neighbours but also with quieter lacunae to retreat from them. A small sculptural play area is located at the northern area of the courtyard catering to younger residents.

Drainage is addressed within the landscape measures obliviating the need for conventional grates and channels.
We have designed a table in concrete, it’s sculptural form when not actively in use adds another layer of complexity.

Each ground floor apartment has its own small garden with a gate onto the shared space. Materials are deployed to create a domesticity such as a smaller
unit brick for paving and for the private garden walls. Accent planting includes Gaura lindheimeri ‘Alba’, Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus and Agapanthus ‘White Pixie’. In contrast we designed a concrete communal table, paced at the centre of the scheme offering residents the opportunity to meet there and socialise. Much of the courtyard is over basement and we sought to design a ‘self-draining’ courtyard using gravel edges and open joint paving to eliminate surface drainage clutter which would spoil the domestic garden vibe.

Private terraces for the apartments hidden amongst the planting overlooking public route.
The proportion of planted to open space areas creates a protected lacunae at the heart of the scheme, surrounded by greenery.

Bernard Seymour /
Managing Director

Melanie Sharkey /
Associate Landscape Architect

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