Emmet Road

The site is located among a patchwork matrix of green spaces, and linear green connectors. The closest of these is Goldenbridge Cemetery, now a hybrid of working cemetery and peaceful park, and home to many impressive mature trees. This led the design team to consider how the nature value of the site could be improved, even while adding substantial built development in the space. Connective habitats were envisaged in the tree canopy level, and significantly, large areas on the ground level too.


Site Plan

Due to the scale of the site and prominence of its location, the impact on the public realm of the wider Inchicore area can be very positive. With this in mind, and considering the importance of accessibility and permeability for a healthy urban neighbourhood, a matrix of interconnected public spaces were arranged out.

Section A
Water management

The site is located between the two significant water bodies that run through Inchicore: to the south the Grand Canal, and to the north, the Camac River. This led the team to prioritise a responsible water management strategy, and to aim to utilise Sustainable Drainage Systems where practical, and within the context of the density required of an urban site like this. Slowing or storing rainfall onto the site will reduce potential pressure on downstream infrastructure, and filtration through gravel or planting will help maintain water quality.

Emmet Place View CGI

A relatively simple approach is taken for the rooftops across the scheme. In order to achieve the minimum green roof coverage %, an ‘extensive’ green
roof in the form of a sedum mat is proposed for the roofs of the lower buildings, as these will be more visible from upper windows.

Emmet Place View CGI
Emmet Place View CGI

Derek Naughton /
Senior Landscape Architect

Bernard Seymour /
Managing Director

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